Joe Thornton

Joe is the Vice President of Strategic Communications & PR at Aimclear®. He manages reputations and creates profound brand presence and profitable exposure for a wide range of clients. With professional roots in broadcast journalism and strategic communications/PR, Joe brings to Aimclear a holistic storytelling background. From integrated PR to crisis communications, social media strategy/execution, omni-channel advertising and brand management, he has shaped reputations for clients across industries and continents.

Joe’s work has supported leading organizations in financial services, business technology, digital marketing software, HR & enterprise software, global customer relationship management, manufacturing, and labor relations to achieve measurable communications objectives.

Storytelling is in Joe’s DNA. He channels classic business values, rising above the noise in our fast-paced instant-publishing world to craft communication strategies that reflect the compelling value of brands.

His work has netted coverage in national and international print, broadcast and online media including the Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg Television, CNET, BBC Television, and dozens of other forums.