Unleash Google & Bing Audience Targeting Superpowers

Google and Bing offer vast arrays of advanced targeting options which power their suites of paid marketing products, i.e., search, display, Youtube, shopping, etc. Mastering platform audience tools can seriously impact effectiveness of most use cases (translated, make more ca$h) Join MN Search Board Member and venerable Twin Cities marketer Brooke Osmundson for a no-cash-left-on-the-table session. Learn mighty targeting clout to refine your Google and Bing ecosystem paid campaigns. Attendees will leave more able to:

-Build complex psychographic targeting stacks using the AND and OR operators
-Capitalize on audiences’ purchase “Intent,” and other behavioral variables
-Mashup psychographic audiences as qualifiers behind search and shopping campaigns
-Gain fabulous insights by performance of keywords and creative concepts in various audiences.
-Remarketing hacks you won’t tell your competitor about