Tim’s Big List of ROI-Crushing Paid Sh*t to Try in 2023

Let’s face it, targeting has gone to catfish. Costs are through the roof, half the targeting tactics in Facebook don’t work anymore, Apple has weaponized privacy (and they’re winning), Google’s “P-Max black box” is turning us all automation droids with access to zero optimization data, and to top it off, our venerable tracking cookie is about to crumble into pieces (sooner than most people think). Other than that- EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEZY, right?!
Not to worry – Tim to the rescue! He’ll share tactics from award-winning case studies which beat the odds and continue to deliver for his clients. In this session we’ll be covering a list of actionable paid strategies that you can try to increase your ROI. Ideas like:
• Geo-Fencing / Localization: Footfall Attribution, Time-Based Geo Clusters, for special events, & more
• Niche Platform Opportunities: Discord, Quora, eCom Twitter, Programmatic
• New & Interesting Ad Formats: From Meta to TikTok
• Mashing Up Programmatic & Paid Social to Get Super Duper Retargeting Pools
• Innovative Targeting Combinations: Daisy Chain your Channels for Brand Inundation & Relevance KPIs
• Micro Influencer Targeting: 1P List Growth, Scraping, & a couple grey-hat favs
• Short-Form Video: From eCom to B2B – ideas to make it part of your funnel.