The Non Profit Digital Marketing Enigma: Building Blocks for the Unsung Doer of All Things

Working for a non-profit can make digital marketers feel like they’re playing Battleship in a bathtub. We must somehow manage strategy, budgets, multiple social platforms, advertising channels, and brand creative. All the while, responsibility overload does not minimize accountability to stakeholders and results. Success requires a coherent strategic process and an ability to break through clutter to manage it all.

Join Jane Pederson Jandl, Digital Marketing Director at the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center for a peel-back-the-curtain approach to strategizing digital marketing in the non-profit landscape. Attendees will leave with a takeaway, Survival Checklist of Non-Profit Marketers, along with the enhanced ability to:

Cultivate non-profit brand affinity
Purposefully spend limited digital marketing budget
Optimize Facebook ad cost per engagement
Write mobile-first social copy that compels
Maximize LinkedIn and Sales Navigator