#SEO Quality Vs. Quantity & Why Nearly the Entire Search Industry is WRONG

2023, even more than ever, has featured a disturbing wave of SEO misinformation regarding its true role as a channel in the integrated marketing stack. Lea will share use case data (with permission) from one of Aimclear’s winning 2022 US Search Award entries. Attendees will take actionable methods to support a data-backed understanding of today’s SEO:

-Crush the age-old question: quantity vs quality, crap-traffic vs. mountains of valuable conversion KPIs
-Understand how major search tools gaslight users into believing what their data can offer is somehow what SEO’s jobs must be
-Trim the traffic-fat vs. transactional function debate for commerce and lead gen sites
-Ride news trends like a stallion, bolt past competitors via superior understanding to crush SERPs
-Smash stakeholders’ expectations with real-world results
-Integrate with paid for yummy retargeting pools