Reputation-Boosting PR/Communications in the Age of AI: How Bots Can Build OR Destroy Your Greatest Asset

Deploying great PR and thought leadership is no longer a nice-to-do. It’s IMPERATIVE. Too many PR/marketing pros are suddenly struggling to find their mojo, fearing bots are rendering them obsolete. Those who embrace the potential of AI-infused communications and minimize the risk of brand-busting bot disasters will win the day moving forward.

Your reputation as an individual or brand is at stake – and will always be – your most valuable asset. Don’t miss this session with the Aimclear Communications Practice Group leaders, Rob Karwath and Joe Thornton. These two industry pros have been in the trenches as journalists, PR execs, communications strategists, and brand-saving crisis response experts.

Learn how to maintain truly authentic PR & thought leadership – blending human prowess with AI-fueled content and PR concepts that break through. You’ll get real-world insights into ways brands have been rewarded or burned to the ground, based on how they deployed AI-infused tactics.