Integrated Digital Strategy in the Age of AI , Machine Learning, & Data Privacy Oh My!

What used to be a channel mix, is now a churning channel blender. Determining the best combination of channel tactics to service strategic objectives has become a murky, convoluted data sinkhole making effective decision making, let alone funnel attribution, complicated bordering on impossible.

This session will help clear the air, with award winning use case examples. Attendees will learn how to work with an integrated mindset in an intra-channel world, breaking down silos and leveraging cross-functional collaboration to maximize marketing ROI.

Well explore the latest trends in data privacy, including the shift towards first-party data and the growing importance of data security in the age of AI and machine learning. Understand how targeting is changing in response to new privacy regulations and consumer preferences, and learn how to adapt your marketing strategies.
– Key takeaways from this session will include:
– Learn how to navigate multi-channel strategies for a new age of data and privacy
– Discover the art of leveraging data, making it your brands most valuable asset
– Ways to leverage automation and AI to drive tangible results in your integrated marketing campaigns