Fighting Off Digital Marketing Imposter Syndrome with Facts

Google is constantly changing. Keeping up with all the tests, updates, announcements and new topics can feel like a monumental task. Discussions and lamentations about Imposter Syndrome are rampant in the SEO community, but no one has taken the topic head-on yet, until now!

Cindy Krum will outline why Imposter Syndrome is so common among digital marketers, what causes it, and how it can be tamed. Attendees will gain a much deeper understanding of how popular SEO tools, tips, techniques and …. Twitter personalities affect your understanding of Google results, best practices and your job as a whole. Cindy will share a foundational understanding of how to evaluate internal and external feedback to really understand what is going on, and the potential impact that you are having in your job.

Lacking confidence in any aspect of your digital marketing assessments, audits and recommendations can limit effectiveness in your current role, hamper the impact of your communication, and hinder career advancement in the long run. More than just a pep talk, this presentation will give you tools and strategies to understand SEO in a deeper way to help gain confidence in your SEO convictions, and tools you need to confidently communicate findings, recommendations and successes for better overall impact, job success and satisfaction. If you or anyone on your team has suffered from Imposter Syndrome, this talk is a must-attend part of the event.